India’s best online & offline Stock Market Trading & Technical Analysis Course for Beginners and Pro-Traders 

Money making Trading Course by Tushar Ghone is an Advance Sharemarket Trading Course.

  • This is the only advanced-level  stock market course comprehensively developed for beginners as well as professional traders. We cover scalping, intraday, swing, positional, long term investing strategies as well as advanced Derivatives futures, intermediate level Nifty & Banknifty options, Currency, and Commodities all in one single course! With us, you get all of it in one 
  • We Start from Scratch and you Professional Trader. Even though you don’t know anything about Sharemarket. Equity Stocks, Technical and Fundamental analysis, No need to worry at all . We will have all basics cleared in easiest possible Language
  • We offer 6 months  Follow up Practice and Doubt clarification sessions  after joining our Sharemarket training Course.
  • We offer 6 months  Live Stockmarket & Equity stock analysis on Telegram Channel after joining.
  • Money Making Trading Course is an Certification Course, All students will get Certificate for Completion of this Course.
  • All this at lowest cost  and highest learning value for Students.

Money making Trading Course Student's Feedback

What I Do

Sebi Certified Equity Research Analyst 

 PGD  in Financial Management                

 Bachelors in Mechanical Engineer  ( VJTI)

Wealth Management.

Wealth Creation and Protection are the most important needs for any  Investor. I have customized Solution to all your Financial needs. Whether you are getting Married, saving for Retirement or any of your specific Financial Goal , We can work together to achieve this Goal.

Stock Market Course.

Learn to Earn from Stock Market.   I  have  designed different Online courses in Stock Market from Beginners to Professional Traders. Get Complete handheld Training in Stock Market . My Practise session after completion of Training will ensure that you become a Professional Trader in Stock Market. 

Mutual Funds.

Get a complete Guidance on Mutual Funds from me . Mutual Funds are good Investments for Long term Wealth Creation. There are in depth concepts for investing in Mutual Funds. Me and My team will help you to step in the World of Mutual Fund Investments 

Need Advice?

For any further guidance contact me at contact@newsite.tusharghone1.com

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My Stock Market Courses

The courses which I have designed are so simple that even a Secondary School Student can understand it. My intention is to make things simple and teach only few concepts of Stock Market that works and give good results.  Ask for my Free Online Basic course on Stock Market by Clicking below.


“ I learned Technical Analysis from Mr. Tushar  Ghone and found the Course very useful as a beginner. All basic concepts of Equity Markets are explained in quite detail in Tushar Sir’s Online training Courses. Their follow on Practice  sessions are quite good and I feel confident  to take Swing Trades after I attended the course. ”

Mr.Kalpesh Sane

My Story

Hello, my name is Tushar R. Ghone and I’m your Coach and Instructor of Money Making Courses. I have 10 plus years of Experience in Stock Market and Mutual Funds.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai & Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Management from MIT, Pune. Also, I am a NISM Certified Equity Research Analyst. I have been taking 1000 Plus Seminars, Webinars and Practice Sessions on Online and Offline Platform for past 4 years. And have trained more than 5000 Students in Stock Market Trading. 

I had started my career 19 years back as Oil and Gas engineer at peak of my career, I was an Engineering Manager. My Passion for Stock Market and Finance finally made me leave my high paying overseas Engineering Job and do what I like the most.

Fundamental Analysis with right Entry and Exits through Technical Analysis has been my Forte.

I believe Stock Market is full of Uncertainty and Risk, So if I am able to manage the Risk and stay in Market for longer period of time, Wealth will be created by default.

Frequently Asked Questions on Money Making Trading Course

Question 1 : Which is the Best Online Stock Trading Course for Beginners?
Answer : Money Making Trading Course (MMTC) by Tushar Gone is one of the best Stock market courses for beginners. In this course not just basic but even advanced concepts like Elliott waves, Fibonacci retracements concepts are covered.

Question 2: What is so special about learning from Tushar Ghone?
Answer : He is one of the most experienced Professional in Indian Stockmarket having trading experience of more than 10years. In other courses where they charge hefty amounts and teach just Basic theory without any Practical application. Tushar Ghone not only gives quality advance courses but also ensure its delivered to students at lowest cost.

Question3 : Is Money Making Trading Course just a Basic Stock market Course                                                                                                                                          Answer : NO, Money making trading course is an Advance level complete course covering all the concepts essentially required to become a successful trader. It start from basic concepts for beginners and covers all the Advance technical concepts for Trading.

Question 4: How will be the Money making course available to me after payment?
Answer : Money Making Trading course  is an 50+ hours recorded course. With practice and doubt clarification session every Friday 9.00 pm for next 6 months. You will be provided online access to course and can be viewed as many times as required for next 2 years.

Question5 : Its a recorded course , will I be able to learn effectively and who will clear my doubts ?                                                                                                       Answer : There is a misconception about Online recorded course that  these course are not effective. Infact effectiveness of any online course depends on the Coach. The main advantage of such course is that you get to learn the concepts at your own learning pace, can repeat as many times as needed. Also, there is systematic procedure for doubt clarification. students need to note down all the doubts they face while  studying  then go through day7 of course where recording of previous practice session and Frequently asked question are available, 90% doubts are clarified in these day 7 Practice session. If still students have doubts they can clarify in Friday 9 pm doubt clarification session available to attend for next 6 months.

Question 6: What is the Course Curriculum/Syllabus ?                                                                                                                                                                                        Answer : Find out detailed Course Curriculum on this link :

Question 7: How to make Payment and do you accept Credit Cards for payment of Money Making Trading Courses?                                                                  Answer : Yes we do accept Credit Card Payments. To make payment , Click on this link  :  and click on “Join now” button and follow the procedure.

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