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What Will I Learn?

  • 1) Can understand detailed Concepts of Options.
  • 2) Can Confidently Trade in Naked Options.
  • 3) Important for Students and Job Seekers in Financial Sector.

Topics for this course

46 Lessons

Welcome Video for MMO Course

Day 1: Concepts of Options?

Detailed Concepts of Nifty and Bank Nifty Options along with Option Diagrams are explained.

Day 2: Option Greeks?

All Options Greeks are explained in Detail.

Day 3 : Tools of Options Trading?

All important Tools and Software required for Options Trading are explained.

Day 4 : Naked Option Strategies?

All Naked Option Strategies along with Example are explained.

Day 5 : Practice Session and Miscellaneous Topics.

Day 6 : Different types of Options Hedging strategies

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आपने option को बेहद सरल करके बताया ,अपनी भाषा मे सिखाया ,इसके लिए दिल से आभारी हूं |

very good course which will give you complete clarity of option ,after taking the course it gives you the clarity how to approach the market and when to enter it, i started my journey in option that to with a amount not more than 5000, weekly webinars and daily bank nifty webinar are like magic pills help you to stay motivated and keep on working, i never thought that i will be able to take intraday and scalping trade but after the course i gained the confidence

Amazing course, really helpful for beginner traders and excellent mentor.


world bestest course bcz i took 2-3 other corses where they only exp;ains basic concept where as thusar ghone sir course is full of deep knowledge and easy to understand after this course you make your own strategies but stock market is a game of probility so must fallow risk management

Excellent course for begginer

Nice cours

Amazing course, really helpful for beginner traders and excellent mentor.

Very nice and informative course. generate profits from the next day yocomplete the course. Thank you very much Tushar sir.

Good course for beginners as well as expert trader and investor . An honest effort from Tusharji to teach about share market at nominal cost ..

Nice course...just one suggestion examples should be in recent time. As examples are too old (almost year ago) like nifty or bank nifty price dont relate with today\'s price. If possible update recent time examples.

Very Nice Course. In depth knowledge on option . A must try for newbie.

Very nice course....every concept about option clearly and deeply explained in MMOC course....I thing I got this apportunity very late...but its ok ...late but right....thank you sir for both this course in very low prices.....I earned my course fee in first day of trading in between course... vision of Tushar sir is you will be independent self trader ....and now I am independent...Again thank you very much Tushar sir for this like excellent, low budget course.

Very nice course with simple language and sir clear the concept in depth

best course for option trading, it covers all A-Z requirement of option trading. apart from daily support on telegram & weekly online support help for trading.

It's a wonderful teaching, valuable course and guidence by Mr Tushar Ghone Sir. It's a in depth knowledge..... More than 5*

Very nice and informative course. You will be able to generate profits from the next day you complete the course. Thank you very much Tushar sir.

Very well explained. As a novice to option, got a very good knowledge. Thank you sir for this valuable information.

very good course & simple language

I have attended three courses before this but not like this it's amazing, very simple and easy to understand, thank you so much sir....

Very good course

Fantastic Teaching!
Easy to understand.
This Options class can be your additional earning for sure!
Go for it! Low price high Value 😊

very simple & well planned course

Very simple , easy to understand. Thank you sir.

Option course is awesome... Simplified way to explain... Thanks a lot sir.

Very nice course. Really great efforts put by Tushar Sir. You have explained each topic in very simple way and covered every bit of options basics. It's really great for all the beginners as well as for all the options traders to build their confidence in options trading. Highly recommended.

Tushar Sir's way of teaching and handholding is super awesome. On the Onset it may look that Rs.5999/- is priced high, but what you get is multiple times of that. Since I have started going through the course and doing trade as per Sir's instructions , I have always made profit. I do not trade often, but when I do...I follow Sir's guidance and have had 100% success rate.This is one of the best courses till date in learning stock market trade....Thank You from the bottom of my heart Sir

Options topics are covered step by step & in simplified language. I would strongly recommend this course. Apart from this major plus point is countless support

In Between this course but surely shoud but it's nit just course...it everything about option and once done this ni need to go for other some one else course..and no word about practice session..it's KING MAKER .. THANKS Tushar sir thanks a lot

If you want to learn technical analysis, options and dedicated and credible training modules, you must be here. This is go to course. Thanks Sir for this, we learned and earned too.

Very nice course and easy to understand

Extremely simple, very lucid language explanation and passionate teaching!!! Every beginner in derivatives section should enroll immediately!!

Thanku very much Tushar sir U are the Idol person for me design such a wonderful course which boost my confidence to making trade on Share Market & give me a chance to earn more money which helps to develop my living lifestyle..once again thanks a lot sir👃👃

Sir I have doing your options strategy on paper it was awesome and now using mmtc course knowledge to find out stock, entry exit and SL.. using options cal and stuff that you are tought in both course are fantastic..

Very good course for beginners though it requires much practice. Simple approach towards each topic.

Very simple, easy to understand and value for money course.
Everyone who are new to market must try this course.


Material Includes

  • Video Course with Practical Example, Practice Session, Telegram Channel , Trading Sheet and Automatic Scanners

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  • Please complete Money Making Trading Course . Before starting this Course.


Target Audience

  • Students, Traders , Professional Intraday Traders, Job Seekers in Financial Sectors, Alternate Source of Income , Housewives.

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