Money Making Trading Course Ver.2

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Money Making Trading Course by Tushar Ghone is an Advance Technical Analysis Course in Stock Market .


6 reasons why you should buy this Online Trading Course :

Reason 1 : Advance Technical Analysis  trading Course in Stock market which starts from basic concepts and covers all the Advance technical analysis concepts of Stock market including Indicators , Fibonacci and Elliott Waves.

Reason 2 :All segments of Trading  viz . Equity , Futures & Options, Commodities & Currency  are covered in-depth in this  course. Similarly all types of Trading viz. Scalping, Intraday, Swing , Positional & Long term is also included in the Course.

Reason 3 : Online Course with Pre-recorded session, can complete the course as per your convenience and repeat the chapters as many times required.  This trading Course is provided with 2 years access.

Reason 4: Live Weekly Training Session for doubt clarification and Practice. Any doubts during completion of the course can be raised in this Practice session. Also, recording of previous Practice and doubt clarification session are available in Day  7 of the Course.

Reason 5: Telegram Channel for Live Trading Call analysis . This really boosts students confidence and helps Students to become professional traders.

Reason 6: Opportunity to earn from multiple sources of income, we have created a referral Program for our students in which you can refer our Course to your friends and family  & earn up to 40% of the commission. For the referral link click on the link https://tusharghone.com/stock-market-courses-technical-analysis/ once you join MMTC V.2 course.

What Will I Learn?

  • MMTC is a comprehensive course in stock market trading that will take you from beginner to advanced level.
  • You will be able to trade like a professional trader and start earning regular income after a few months of practice with our support.
  • You will learn various concepts in the following segments
  • Equity - Swing, Intraday and Scalping
  • Equity Derivatives - Advanced level futures and intermediate level options
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • You will learn important concepts of money management which will help you in risk management and protecting your capital.
  • You will be very handy with using charts and indicators for technical analysis.
  • We have covered advanced level concepts like Elliott waves and Bollinger bands along with all other important concepts of trading.

Topics for this course

79 Lessons50h

Welcome session ( Must watch all chapters) 🙏🙏🙏?

Introduction to the course.
Get Connected – MMTC Telegram Channel Link ( V.IMP )00:05:00
How to complete the Course ?00:10:00

Day 1 : Concepts of Trading.?

Detailed Concepts of Trading are explained in Day 1

Day3 : Setup of Trading?

The Final day of the Course we will learn the actual Trade Setup used for Trading.

Day4 Futures and Options?

Topics related to Other Courses

Day5 : Commodities

Day6 : Currency Forex

Day7 : Practice & Doubt Clarification Webinar Sessions?

Other information which will be helpful for Trading.

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excellent course for beginners nice explanation ....thank you sir

Really Thank you very much for this MMTC, no words sir, 65k profit in just 1 months. Your Knowledge level is excellent, Weekly analysis I Love it.

Thank you sir for sharing helpful information.
Friend trust me for subscribing this type of course in market you have to spend at list 70K or may be more then that .
Concepts are same every ever its just our understanding and effort that make successful .

Tushar sir teaching us very genuine.

Hi Sir
Sir I booked near about 30k profit by nifty option trading in first month during this course... Your course both MMTC & MMOC makes turning point to my Life.. I was trading in market from 3 -4 yrs but not in such way.. but after your course I know the actual facts of market and much more knowledge .
lot of thanks sir.... you are one of the most precious mentor in my life.
Thank you Very Much !!

Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. We are so grateful to have this course

best course for learn trading in share market. many course i have purchased but this is really awesome. i highly recommend this course. please buy and get yourself confident, in very little amount @999/-. thank you Ghone sir, love you sir. god bless you

खूप खूप धन्यवाद सर.......सोप्या पद्धतीत शेअर मार्केटची माहिती दिलीत.. आपल्या शिकवण्याच्या सोप्या पद्धतीमुळे मी MMT कोर्स पूर्ण होण्याआधीच MONEY MAKING OPTION COURSE मध्ये ENROLL झालो आहे.
धन्यवाद !!!!!!


thank you sir
Good course for everyone

First upon Thanks Tushar sir, it's for me God gift... Very very excellent teaching and explain it clearly, excellent for beginners.... Thanks a lot

Excellent course for beginners. Very simple explanation of each concept. just go for it.

Amazing course by Tushar Sir at very low price...

First of all, I thank Tushar sir, who provided this course at a very low price. During the lockdown period, I saw a video of the stock market on a news channel and I joined that course giving about 7000 rupees. As I completed the course, I came to know that this is a very basic course. After a one month later I joined Tushar sir's course in 599 rupees, then I felt very sad because in lockdown I gave 7000 rupees for a basic course and my time was also spoiled. Apart from that, Tushar Sir's course gave me a lot of good knowledge at a very low price. Where my personal opinion is, Tushar sir is very polite and such polite teachers are very rarely can be found.

Thank you so much sir
really bollingerband is good work, 🙏🙂 agodar 7/8 vela majhe( Stoploss hit) jhale pan
Nantar halu halu samjale!
Sir tumhi barobar mhanalat ki BOLLINGER BAND ki itani aadat dalo ki aap ki nazar marani chahiye... mi market close jhalyavar aanakhi BOLLINGER BAND check karato
One more time thank you sir🙏🙏🙏🙂

Jst wow and superb thank u sir for making this course

Money Making Trading Course is perfect course to understand , study and apply for trading.....Tushaar Sir explains it in very simple language and in depth such that even new person who entered in trading can understand it...
Before this course i faced lots of loss in trading but after doing this course , i learned to avoid large amount of losses and started earning Profit...

Thank you very much for such Gem like course...

I recommend everybody to do it..

Thank u Tushar sir for making such a good course for the beginners first I didn't have any clue about share market but due to your course I was able to learn it .good course in a such a low prices thanks a lot sir

खुप छान कोर्स आहे
सगळ्यांना समजेल अशा भाषेत सांगीतले आहे
आणी काही प्रश्न असतील तर दर आठवड्याला वेबीनार पण आहे त्यामुळे कोणतीही अडचण येणार नाही आपल्याला मुळे शेअर बाजारात व्यवहार करण्यासाठी खुप मदत होते आहे आणी लाॅस पण खूप कमी होत आहे प्राॅफीट च्या मानाने
खरंच खूप खूप धन्यवाद सर 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Nice course any one new he should be start with this course only.

Outstanding Technical Analysis, I really like it Very much..

For my side I give 5star .

Great going sir, my confidence grow high but still i am learning with your MMT course.

Your course is Excellent sir, I am very new person but I can learn very easily because you are teaching very slowly I can understand Very easily thanks sir

Khup chhan sir

Excellent course for freshers

I am lucky to join such a valuable course. Before this course I did rs 8000 course but not got that much information what I got here... Sir is really humble person. He replied on my personal queries also. His Friday webinar are really knowledge gaining. I recommend to join this course with out thinking too much. I am planning to join Options course soon.

Its very good course for Beginners.
Tushar sir, our Method of teaching is very good and simple. The more i am watching, the more I am learning.
Thanky You, Sir.

Really sir i admire your teaching... I was a newbie in stock market field, and after doing Course, i became an independent trader, as you said.. Thankyou bso much sir. No words can fulfill your work.🙏🙏🙏

Its very good course for Beginners.
All the concepts are very much simplified by Tushar sir, Appropriate stress is given on important concepts, supporting concepts are also explained in relation with basic concepts. Method of teaching is very good and simple. The more i am watching, the more I am learning.
Thanky You, Sir.

Such a well designed course for new comers all basic and many queries will get solved in it. As a new comer I liked course very much its helped me a lot to understand stock market. Also friday session is very much useful it gives good connect & confidence. Given calls are going almost perfectly. I would love to be here & learn more from Tushar sir. Thanks !

Much appreciated & useful course I would say !

Exllent cource in low fees and valuable guidance on daily basis. Thank you
Taking option course after few days

Best Course for beginners....!

Explained in depth analysis of market, this course a real value for money and more.

I am a beginner and this course turned out to be an excellent source for me. 
Very informative, easy to understand course. 
Tushar Sir provide many easy examples to understand complicated things. 
Excellent place to learn and earn ! 
Thank You.

Sir.... your course is excellent...first I have some doubts that in this less amount how can someone give this much knowledge which every trader should know....but after 2days only I realised I was totally wrong...u gave most important things...and every doubtful trader or confused trader must go through your course because u have explained it in a very simple manner.....thank you so much sir...😇😇💐

खुप छान मांडणी केली आहे आणि समजण्यासाठी एकदम सोपे आहे.

नमस्कार सर🙏
मी एम एम टी सी वर्जन टू कोर्स पूर्ण केला, अतिशय सुंदर पद्धतीने मांडणी करून शिकवला गेला आहे, खूपच सुंदर पद्धतीने इंडिकेटर बद्दल माहिती व त्यांचा वापर कुठे करावा. शिकवण्याची पद्धती खूपच सोपी आहे. या शिकवणीचा अनुभव मी नक्कीच घेईन आणि तो तुम्हाला शेयर ही करीन.
तसेच लवकरात लवकर तुमचा एम एम ओ सी ह्या कोर्ससाठी ऍडमिशन घेईन.


Thank you Tushar sir for explaining share market in easy & effective way, I have done course in april & went as instructed by you from paper trading to real & currently in 30% profit only because of you.
Even every weekend webinar analysis is also very impressive & powerful.

very useful course..... all the topics have been explained indepth..... it really helps in trading.......

Very nice information given which gives confident.
Thank you

Excellent and Very Simple for beginners Like me. Thank You Sir

Very good course, especially for beginners with 0 background knowledge. Also the support post completion of course is also great.

Excellent course for beginners, investors & traders. All the basic concepts are very well explained in the course & having step by step guidance from you makes it very easy to understand & develops confidence with in the investors & traders. Appreciate your efforts & please keep up with your good work

This course is very useful for me.... with reasonable price. Now all concept s are clear after this course. Thank you Tushar sir.

Great Course Enjoyed and earned a great knowledge through this course, Everyone who is willing to learn trading than this is the course you should opt for. The course had cover every aspects of the stock market from basic to advance . The pro tip of the course is that Tushar sir provide weekly doubt clearing session and also guide us while taking trades...............

Nice course sir with less amount you are teaching most valuable topics. your way of teaching is very clear & simple to understand. Thanks for guiding us .

Very nice and informative course. Thank you very much Tushar sir.
Sir gives you live example and helps you to generate profits if followed with discipline.

I m a beginner in share market and honestly was searching a good mentor who should provide tricks along with detailed knowledge on the topic. I enrolled course by reading excellent reviews. When I started studying videos shared by Tushar, I found every topic mentioned in syllabus is explained from basic to advanced sequence. I like his way of teaching, he knows what could be the questions from students and he already covered, explained in easy way. I started following tricks tought on candles and patterns. Thanks a lot Tushar.

Very good information about Market & Trading MMTC short period of time very low cost affordable for every new beginning comes to market do this course

Hello team,
I have started to learn the trading and share market technical analysis.so far so good. I am able to grasp quickly with sessions take by Mr Tushar.
Will provide more reviews as soon as I go deeper.
But really recommend for who really don't know anything but want to learn the share market and technical analysis

Very in depth technical analysis explained

Best course available in this segment. Don't go after other costly course. Nothing get and loosing hard earned money. Personal experience. The course is very precise and easy to understand. Also continuous support of Tushar sir makes it more valuable.

शेअर मार्केटमध्ये येणाऱ्या प्रत्येकाने हा कोर्स करावा त्यामुळे सुरुवातीचे माहिती नसल्यामुळे होणारे नुकसान तर टळेल च पण तुम्ही नफा सुद्धा मिळवाल.
धन्यवाद तुषार सर

Very nice course with a lot of learning. All the terms have been explained in detail & the beauty is doubt explanation session. Got a lot of learning from this course.

This course is 6 stars out of 5. +1 for the way of connecting with students. I am in the stock market for the last 2 years, but casually, trading with 2-3 shares that too selected randomly. Made loss every time, not a single profitable trade.

Then I enrolled for this course last month and completed the first 3 days sessions very seriously(though some topics I always revisit whenever I get time).

After that entered again with 20K capital and in 2 weeks the portfolio value is 23k. I am now getting the confidence to enter into a stock, only because of Tushar sir.

I am definitely going to enroll for MMOC very soon. I hope the fees will not be increased for existing students ;).

Thanks a lot Tushar sir. Long way to go along with you. And I know you will never disappoint.

this course is designed is best manner with step by step explanation. almost everything covered. beautifull course at very low price. will do your coming courses. thank you sirji.

Nothing is simple than this for understand.

Sir, I have completed our MMTC V2 course. It's really fantastic. Actually I was unknown about Share Market before this course. But now I sure that I'll definitely enter the actual market & do profit...Thank you very much sir...& One more thing that you covered a lot of things or information in this course with very very less fees... Thanks for this also.

Really Genuine Information And Excellent Teaching with affordable Price , Great Experience No 1 technical analysis And Support

Its hardly 6 days that I had joined this course n I gained such important knowledge that I can't believe myself. The course is awesome n the teachings are very simple n productive that any beginner like me can understand... Hats off to Tushar sir for the wonderful teachings n guidance at sucha lower price...! ! Looking forward to join Options too... Just waiting to become pro in the first course... Thank you so much sir n God bless.

This is a fantastic course for people who wish to learn and understand the stock market from scratch. Although I had a basic to intermediate level of knowledge of the stock market, I was an amateur in reading the technical charts. After completing this course, I am now well versed with reading the technical charts and to take a trade basis that. At a price of INR 999, this is a very good starter pack for anyone who wishes to understand the stock market. Thanks to the trainer for explaining the concepts in a very simple language.

Your are one of the finest teacher I have been learn from wich make this confusing and hard share market technical course so simple. I am very thankful to you for available this valuable course in very less less course fees

सर मी शेअर मार्केट मध्ये नवीन असुन आपला हा mmtc कोर्स सुरू केल्याचा मला 100% फायदा होत आहे....
आपली शिकवण्याची पद्धत, प्रत्येक छोट्या छोट्या गोष्टी बारकाईने समजवण्याची पद्धत खुप छान आहे... सर्वाना शिकण्यास सोपी आपली शैली आहे...
मी लवकरच आपला mmoc कोर्सला प्रवेश घेणार आहे....धन्यवाद सर

Share market मध्ये काही ही माहीत नसलेल्या साठी खूप चांगला course आहे. खूप कमी वेळात खूप सोप्या पद्धतीने गरज असलेली सर्व माहिती दिली आहे.

या शिवाय telegram channel वर तुमचा support daily trading आणि analysis साठी खूप मदत करतो.

The Best course covered with all necessary contents which is required for making money from share market. Still yet to complete the course, but it's the best. Really worth it, no one teach like this with analysis video sessions. thank you sir🙌

A very good package of course. Explained in depth analysis of market, a person with no knowledge can start trading after doing this course. Its not just course... sir conducts weekly training sessions and clears doubts and guides about market. Worth doing this course a real value for money and more.

very nicely explained in this course...really price 10time discounted then required.
thank you sir..for your contribution to the community.

your teaching methods of very easy. like primary school. i am very lucky

Very well designed & crafted course, all topic are covered in depth and very much effective. Thank you Tushar sir for your in depth teaching and practice session for one n one solution.

Bahot deep me jakar sikhate ho sir 🙏 thank you ❣️

Sir khar tr 5 takke nahi 100 takke rating dychi ahe....aapan paht ahat bajarat share market course cha business chlu ahe 40000,50000 pn ithe tushar sira ni avdya kmi fees madhe avd chan shiqvl ahe ki aaplyala ajun dusra kahi kraychi grj nahi.. sirani sangitllel tips techniques kuph chan ahet ❤️❤️.god bless u sir

Awesome course, the teaching method is unique and no one can explain like you. I had already done 2 courses but still 0. After start learning of your course and just a few chapters completed in the MMTC course but looks very confident this time. Great sir...

Considering the Price Point of view this is course is packed full of knowledge.
all the concepts are explained in simple and understandable language of the layman
if you want to do market analysis this course is for you.

Hatts off to you sir. You are such a wonderful teacher.
Recently I came to know about Tstockmantra from Facebook. many concepts i learnt first time in MMTC V2. also your technical analysis on Telagram.. its Mind blowing..
Thank you very much sir for creating opportunity in many people's life...

Its very nice course for those who want to learn and earn money from market independently, explanation and concept is easy to understand for beginner also. I strongly commanded for this course to others those want to earn money from share market.
Thanks tushar sir.

सर आपकी सिखाने की तरह बहुत ही गजब है। और आप जो सीखा रहे हो वो हमारे लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है।
इसके लिए बहुत धन्यवाद

Thank you Tushar Sir, for this wonderful course in such affordable price.. Its truly a value for money. The way this course is designed is amazing, I am very happy after join this course, know I'm very confident know I'm recovering my losses.

Excellent course. Great value for money.

Best course for analyse..... really fabulous

Sir....Ekdam Chan course design kele aahe tumi...very simlpe to understand...also your Passion of explaning is very crucial...

Great content explaining in easiest way so that beginners can understand in detail.
Such a fantastic course in just 999/- really appreciate TUSHAR sir who believes in knowledge instead Than money.
So Thank U to Tushar Sir for great information about stock market 💐🙏🏻

Very informative and helpful course...Thank you so much sir.

Best course....
Full information about trading

Very nice explanation about all concepts in very less amount.Thanks

good course in reasonable price and
Very good for beginners people


This very useful course to start journey in share market,
This is not only basic course, it's also include advance course features.

I cannot believe that some one wil teach so nice down to earth with so much low fees
I highly recommend the course
THanks Sir

Must join course, other trainers are looting by making only bla bla bla

good course in reasonable price

Very nice course for beginners.
Thank you sir

"Selfless Teaching!!"
Especially in options trading you are teaching without keeping your secrets in hand... Very special ability!!
Tushar is just giving every knowledge about options he has! Everytime you will listen to him you will get some new concept or new dimension to older concepts!

Tushar is an outstanding trainer with lots of good strategies. He makes all of us understand the concepts with proper examples. He goes into deep in technical analysis and help you to learn markets with proper attention. This course is worth of its price value. Thank you.

This very useful course to start journey in share market,
This is not only basic course, it's also include advance course features.
I think no one providing such type of details course at this rate.
Thank you team providing fantastic study material.

Nice course really great effort put by Tushar sir to give in simple explanation about share market trading in such a little fees. It really really great for all peoples beginners to traders to build their confidence in trading. I am thankful to Tushar sir 😁🙏👍🏻👍🏻God bless him and gave him more success in his life.🙏

This is best course for beginners, explained in a very simple and very effective way.
Definitely u can trade independently by following techniques explained in course.
It is much more than Rs.999.
Also practice sessions are very good, he try to clears every doubts. Every time sir try to give something new.
Thank you Sir

Excellent knowledge sharing in a simple way through better examples while decide to trade in stock market and clear the doubts well.

I completed this course 1 month back.but today I m going to post review bcz I analysis wheather this working in live market or not.only one word I can say about Tushar sir excellent course.follow his instructions property u will get more.now I m planning to join Ur Option course also.Dhanyawad

MMTC course is really excellent. I took this course for my learning during lockdown and was one of best decision. And best use of lockdown period. Yet to learn a lot as market is long term rather life time learning. offcourse under your guidance it would surely keep reaching higher and higher levels. Thank you .

Really a informative course. A detailed manner while explaining and excellent support.There is so much to learn in such a less fees.Thank you so much sir for making confident to do trading.

Very good course for stock market lovers.

Great Course in such small price!!!
I done lot of course related to stock market but I feel this is best course in 999/-
In 999/- No one can give support in live market as well as weekly webinar.
Don't judge this course by price. my suggestion to everybody to enroll this course who want to do better in stock market. I already suggest this course to lot of my friends & after completion of this course they really thankful to me

Very nice simple explanation by Tushar sir..
Hats off to you

Sir i am in market from 2018 and i had done complete MMTC COURE AND ALSO ENROLLED IN MMOC as i come from rural area we are unable to pay big amount and i can surely say MR Tushar sir is the KING MAKER and even i can share my profits too so request to u sir please keep section for showing our P/L Unable to type much with my mobile but no words for things like this ..it's like 30000 course in market sir is providing in just 999 ....i am really luck to get a person like YOu sir ..really want to meet u once come to Mumbai...(Asal MARATHI WAGH)...

Very nice & informative course.
Feeling confident for trading independently .

Im realy happy with to join your its 500% worth then what i paid to you.im eargly want to learn commodities and the way u explain its realy amazing

Sir Very nice session

Excellent course. Simple and effective explanation of all concepts.

Nice course, very informative course for basic concepts and easy to understanding.....
Thank you so much sir

Very nicely and deeply taught the concepts.
Easy to understand.
And lots of learning in doubt clearance section also.
Don't look at the Fees of the course.. it's the best course in very minimum fees.

Very nice explanation...very easy language to understand....initially i was very confuse regarding understand the market but now slowly slowly understand. Thank you sir

I have joined tushar sir since 2 weeks now..I came to know from facebook..This is an excellent course and with the price that sir is giving it is more than worth it...And the genuine and excellent. Thans a lot sir

Explain in Very nice and simple language...Very helpful...Thank you sir

This is very informative course and i have gain lots of confidence in trading. Every beginner should enrolled for this course.

Amazing content available in such a low price. Hard to believe. Excellent theoretical and practical experience shared by Tushar sir. Really helpful for beginners as well as traders who have less knowledge of stock market.

Nice course, very informative course for basic concepts and easy to understanding.
Thank you sir

I enrolled for MMT course & its excellent. most of the concepts are now clear.
Great experience. Thank you very much.

Thanku very much Tushar sir for make a Very good platform to learn share market of much valuer course in afordable cost..

I would have given more than 5 stars if there was an option for the same... This course is amazingly designed and gives you a detailed direction to understand stock market and apply your understandings to analyze the trend and strategies in stock market..( Not forgetting to mention that it needs your efforts too) The unbelievable part of this course is it is beyond the course syallbus, continues market understanding strategies on telegram channel, WhatsApp support for queries and Friday webinars... Just a wow course... #RecommendedCourse....

Thank you Tushar Sir, for this wonderful course in such affordable(negligible) price.. Its truly a value for money. The way this course is designed is amazing, I am sure anyone can understand this course . Especially , your teaching technique is very good and simple. The best part I like is weekly webinar for doubt clarification, that is awesome and you can watch the course content/webinars as many times you want .Have opted for Options course as well, thats also very good. Would love to participate in future advanced courses.
Thank you again Sir for your genuine efforts and support. I recommend this course to every beginner and intermediate trader.

I enrolled for MMT course & its excellent. most of the concepts are now clear.
Great learning. Thanks you

Sir completed MMT course. Feeling happy that I joined the course, I never done trade before but I am now confident that I can also trade cos of you sir.

Excellent course..👍

Thank you Tushar Sir for this wonderful course , I have attended number of online webinars but I fell this is one of the best courses I have seen so far. I have cleared my all doubt in this course. Its truly a value for money. Sir you teach very smartly and very easy ways. The way this course is designed is amazing, I am sure after going through this course I can start trading and making money in the maket. A sincere thanks to you and your team for maing such a wonderful Course.

Thanks again and god bless you for such a wonderful work dear Tushar Sir

Thank You! for providing all basic and necessary information related to Stock Market under one roof in VERY EASY WAY. The concepts explained here are very simplified. Importantly the guidance by you was awesome. " The best place to learn about Stock market and Treading"

Excellent Course for the market learning....It contains all the information required , with very much required practical sessions..Tushar is really taking efforts to deliver the knowledge...Techniques explained in the course are really helpful to understand the market and trend....Thank You very much....

excellent , highly recommended for beginners ...
nicely drafted each and everything for beginners ...
Thank you very much !!!

Excellent course content and simple understandable approach.


Simple, precise and right to point. Many complex concepts were introduced and studied in a leymans language. Efforts appreciated.

Tushar sir, Khup chhan course design kela aahe tumhi ha, trading shikayla itak sopp Asel mahiti nawhatt... eagerly waiting to learn future n options. Thanks once again....

Very nice information given which gives confident for the fearless trading

well done sir, you have made trading very easy and profitable with this course..waiting for your advance course sir.

Very Good Course for students.

Thank you Tushar sir, Here i show all chapter which you have to provide in MMT Course. As you explain regarding MMT Course all chapters are easily understand and overcoming fear from trading. In this course all topics are best. But my favorite topics in MMT 1) Day 3/chapter 3/ Part 3 scalping in intraday momentum trading 2) Day 3/chapter 1A identifying trend of nifty-50 for intraday & swing/ positional trade. So, now I am waiting for option course…. And I have try to take trade as per your guidelines. I hope that will get accuracy in trading. (i.e. minimize loss and maximum profit) Again sir Thanks a lot for supporting to us.

Excellent course and Tushar sir is doing great job towards society by giving such wonderful information and knowledge at affordable price to everyone. Thank you very much sir god bless you with good Health and wealth.....

Very Nice Course, Just go for it..... Valuable

Hi Tushar - I have attended number of seminars / online webinars but I fell this is one of the best courses I have seen so far. Its truly a value for money. The way this course is designed is amazing, I am sure after going through this course anyone can start trading and making money in the maket. A sincere thanks to you and your team for maing such a wonderful Course. Happy to connect with you for mutual benefits and looking forward for similar course for Futures and Options.

Thanks again and god bless you for such a wonderful work Tushar !!!

प्रथमतः तुषार सर आणि टीमला खूप खूप धन्यवाद. अत्यंत सोप्या पद्धतीने सरांनी माहिती दिली आहे. Option च्या course ची आतुरतेने वाट पाहत आहे.

Very very helpful for understand daily market.

I just wanted to thank you for this very knowledgeable course at very cheap price. One of the best thing about this course is, I can see this chapters again and again. This is very helpful for concept clearance. Thank you🙏🙏🙏

खूप छान webinar झाला सर. खूप नवीन माहिती मिळाली. Thank you सर....🙏💐

I am being thankful to you sir for giving me an opportunity to join this course and gain knowledge of stock market. I had done trading befor that with my little observation but most of the time I ended with the small loss or profit. After completing this course I am confident about the trading and also believe that system will work. This course is awesome for all the beginner's as well as those who have half or little knowledge. I am eagerly looking forward the option course. I would request those who want to learn stock market and make money from it. Thank you again.

Very Good course. Course content is good included all concept required for trading with simple explanation. Short and sweet course. After course also sir very active in telegram and explaining each and every call with detailed analysis.
Sir small request.please include option chain analysis to predict nifty support and resistance and gap trading. Because most of times stocks selected for next day open gap up or gapdown.

Perfect course for beginners/everyone to gain knowledge and confidence. Simple but effective method and the way Tushar sir is giving support and guidance, It is appreciated. Waiting for more knowledge and courses from you.
Thank you.

excellent 👌 Perfect teaching with discipline

Your course is awesome sir that is also at such a low cost where all others are charging @20-30k.....your efforts for us to learn are exceptional...Thank you for your support sir...

simple language explanation, it's really helpful for a beginner as well as traders.
I request you to please provide options trading training as soon as possible.

Very usefull course .i am trying to make money inthe market from last 13 years but i mostly face the loss but after this course its res
ults very possitve for me .Thank you very much sir
Sir because of ur indefth anylasis market we going to understand more easier thank u sir

It's very good course in such affordable price ,, and very easy to understand not only basic but advance also you will never get it anywhere,, such good and clean effort from Tushar sir hats of 👌👍 and every week guidelines no can give you,, please do join the course and be independent trader

Very effective for all traders and investors, every day having great strategy for improving trading , especially teaching techniques is very adorable.

One of best beginner course to clear all basic doubts to enter in share market. The MMTC was very well designed and wonderfully executed by Tushar Sir. He is a exeperienced person and knows loopholes to succeed in stock market. This course was very much beneficial to me and built a bit confidence to enter in stock market. Recommend this basic course for new biginners. Thank you Tushar Sir. Would love to participate in future advanced courses!!!


Material Includes

  • Video Courses with Hands-on experience, Quiz, and Attachments


  • 1) Try to complete the Course in 1 Week
  • 2) Attend my Practice Session.
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