Welcome session ( Must watch all chapters) 🙏🙏🙏?

Introduction to the course.

Day 1 : Concepts of Trading.?

Detailed Concepts of Trading are explained in Day 1

Day3 : Setup of Trading?

The Final day of the Course we will learn the actual Trade Setup used for Trading.

Day7 : Practice & Doubt Clarification Webinar Sessions?

Other information which will be helpful for Trading.
Chapter3/Part2 : Manual Screening (Part-2) . >>Don’t miss Attachments<<
  1. Link for F&O Stocks on NSE Old Site 


2.  In video above Technical Analysis of  Stocks based on Manual Screening was done on 26 March 2020 ( Hourly Candlestick Charts). I have attached Results of  analysis on 27 March 2020.Please  study in detail how Analysis was done. Almost all analysis done has high accuracy and good results, check Charts with comments below. Check 30 march 2020 ( Monday ) Chart as well to see how the study has performed in actual scenario.

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