How to learn stocks trading? YouTube or Online stock market trading courses?

How to learn stocks trading? YouTube or Online stock market trading courses?

Are you making losses in stock market trading? Then you probably need to brush up your skills. Many platforms are available for learning stock trading. Youtube trading channels and online stock market trading courses are the two most popular ones right now.

To be successful in Stock markets, like any other Job or business this activity should be considered as a serious profession and due efforts should be taken to gain in-depth & holistic knowledge of this field.

Today we will be doing an unbiased comparison between the two and give our opinion on which one should you choose.

Learning on YouTube​

Almost everyone starts their learning journey from Youtube. Youtube has become one of the most popular platforms for learning. We have analyzed and listed the

We have analyzed and listed the pros and cons of Youtube as a learning platform in general and have given our comments on youtube as a platform for learning stocks trading

Upsides of YouTube

Originally an entertainment platform, Youtube has now become one of the most popular platforms for learning absolutely anything in this world. It’s free and is accessible to everyone from anywhere. Free and open access to content has made it possible for millions to learn anything. 

Youtube does provide quick solutions to many problems. But that is only for some trivial issues that we may face, and not a part of the comprehensive learning process.

You get a teaser of teaching style, quality of topic contents, clarity in thoughts of the Presenter

Another upside is that you get a good foundation and overview of any topic before you dive into it, to learn it in depth. This helps you to decide if you are interested in the topic or not

Downsides of YouTube

All this being said, YouTube has its own set of limitations: 

  • Credibility of content
  • Limited learning: most of the videos are kept short to maximize viewership rather than to analyze the topic in-depth.
  • Lack of interaction and exposure
  • Indexing, sequence, continuity on any topic is rarely found on Youtube.
  • Getting caught in Click baits ( Catching headline and shallow contents to attract more views )
  • There are no free lunches, free content most of the time is shallow and created to get a quick overview of the topic.

The major issue with youtube is limited learning and interaction. On youtube, you will always face these two issues if you want to learn something in-depth. 

If you want to excel at something, then a profound understanding of the concepts is a must. Youtube does have adequate resources, but is it adequate for mastering the skill? Maybe not. 

Also, with limited interaction with peers only via comments, there is a capping on your exposure in that domain. One question for you guys – What makes the top universities like Harvard and Stanford the best ones? professors or students? No doubt about the competency of the professors. But without ambitious and determined students, Harvard will be nowhere in the top 1000.

The credibility of content is questionable sometimes, as there is no moderation conducted to verify the facts and correctness of the content on YouTube.

YouTube as a platform for learning share market trading

What all is it there on Youtube for share market traders? Yes, youtube is a good platform for getting started with trading. Learning of all the core fundamentals concepts can be done well on youtube. 

The main problem here that you will be facing is while choosing the right videos. Many experienced traders make youtube videos, while many others are bogus. Choosing the right Youtube channel related to trading is very important. 

If you are learning from inexperienced traders, then you are definitely going to get it wrong while trading in the live market. So yes, Youtube is a good resource, but you have to be careful while choosing the videos.

Learning via online courses​

With the arrival of the concept of online courses, e-learning has massively paced up. Online courses will overall have a similar outline to youtube but with multiple issues addressed. 

Online courses have become the most reliable and feasible method for learning anything in today’s rapidly changing and adapting world.

Let us now specifically look at the pros and cons of this platform and the viability of Online courses as a platform for learning stocks trading.

Upsides of Online courses

On this platform, you get to learn from the best instructors in the world. Also, with a definitive syllabus and deadlines, you have a roadmap and a goal to be reached. This makes you more serious about the learning process. Which I believe is a crucial factor to be accounted for.

The points listed below that play a crucial role as a part of the learning process are mostly covered on this platform.

  1. Quality and credibility of the content
  2. Tracking and reviewing of progress
  3. Certification

Moreover, the platforms have now developed discussion forums so that the interaction between the students is very effective, and there is no spamming from those who are not interested in learning anything.

Downsides of Online courses

Coming to the cons. The cost of the courses can become an issue many times. Many providers overcharge for their courses if they have a monopoly in the market. Fairly priced courses are good, but many players in the market charge huge premiums for their courses.

Online courses as a platform for learning stock market trading

Now, how is this platform for learning trading skills? This platform provides many benefits while learning to trade. 

Many factors, including the following, are very crucial

  • Interaction with faculty and peers 
  • Practical demonstrations, and review analysis
  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage
  • Experienced and credible faculty
  • Quizzes
  • Forums
  • Assignments
  • Very close to classroom training experience at a reasonable cost
  • Certifications
  • Post-purchase support and query solving

These are must-haves for mastering in trading and are covered on this platform. 

You should make sure that the platform on which you are planning to enroll covers these crucial areas as they are the key factors.

Comparison between the YouTube and Online courses

After having read the above points, you guys must have known what is right for you. Youtube has resources, but with many limitations. So if you are a starter and want to know just the basics of the market, then YouTube is the right platform for you.

However, if you want to attain expertise and earn a regular income from the stock market, then Online stock market trading courses seem to have a greater edge over Youtube as all the crucial areas like interaction with faculty, live demonstrations and review analysis are not covered on YouTube. 

YouTube is a good platform but has many loopholes when it comes to e-learning. For stocks trading specifically, you need advanced level training and a good level of interactions. 

Online courses in the domain of stock trading have evolved and have involved advanced features so that the students attain perfection.

So if you are unsure about having to enter the markets, then you may learn from YouTube, and after you are set, you may enroll for an online course and master the skill of trading in stocks.

Do let us know in the comment box your experience with YouTube content and Online training courses.

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