Frequently Asked Questions about the Referral Marketing

Congratulation🎉🎉🎉 to all 4000+ Students of Money Making Trading Course by Tushar Ghone, now we are family!!!

Our main aim is to provide Advance level and in-depth Stock Trading Knowledge to the maximum number of students out there. And for this purpose, we have curated a house Money Making Trading Course.

We Consider Referral Marketing as one of the methods to spread awareness about our course. You can also be a part of this Tremendous journey by referring this course to your fellow individuals. By this, we will help other people learn the best Trading techniques which they’re deprived of.

It is said “Knowledge is Power as long as it is shared” and that’s what our mission is.

So, What are you waiting for? Go forward and keep sharing(refer to our courses) with other people. It is a win-win-win situation for You, for other students, and for us too.

We at Tstock Mantra Investments are committed to providing an Advance level Technical Analysis course with 50hrs training at a nominal price. Our aim is to enhance students’ financial knowledge and teach them profitable trading strategies.  https://newsite.tusharghone1.com

We also provide training for the next 6months along with daily Equity and options Analysis on our telegram Channel.  To join the telegram channel click on the link below https://telegram.me/MMTC123

Below are some of the common Frequently Asked Questions about the Referral Marketing


1. What sharing will I get by giving a referral?

When some get enrolled using your reference, you will get a 20% share of the course price.


2. How much time will it take to get my earned referral money?

1st week of every month we will be initiating your referral payment.


3. Can I refer to a course in which I have not enrolled?

No, you can only refer to Courses you are enrolled in by yourself.

If you are referring to a course in which you have not enrolled and completed, it means you are recommending to other things that you have not tested and satisfied with, we feel it’s ethically not right.


4. Can we refer courses to already enrolled MMTC students?

Yes, you can but it will NOT benefit you, try to refer to other members other than MMTC students.


5. Does this referral work like “Multi-level marketing”?

No, this referral is not like multi-level marketing, each referral by a student will get the 20% profit share once. You will not get any sharing for courses referred by your referrals, they will get the full share of it.


6. Is this 20% pure cash or tax included?

No, 20 % is after excluding tax. After GST you will get approximately 15% profit. Also, you have to note Profit sharing can be changed in the future however, we will inform you about the revised Profit sharing on Telegram Channel. 20% is an introductory offer for a limited period.


7. Will I get extra benefits if I sell more courses than others?

Yes, if you can get more leads than others then you will be rewarded by increasing % shares from 20% of the profit. This will be decided on a month-to-month basis based on our running schemes, which will inform on Telegram Channel.


8. If I generated one referral link, then how many times can I use it?

You can use that referral link as many times as you want. You don’t have to generate any other links.


9. Via which payment method will I receive my reward?

You will receive your reward on your registered payment method like for google pay you can provide your UPI Id or Google pay number, etc.


10. I am not able to reply to queries of my friend who wish to buy the Course, will your team help me in such a situation.

Yes, you can inform the name and phone number of the person to whom you want to refer the course and have queries. Our Team will contact and resolve their queries and help you with the conversion of the prospect into a Client.


11. Can we share referral links in webinars organized by MMTC teams?

No, you cannot share referral links in any events such as webinars or others organized by our team members.


12. If someone has enrolled in any course with my referral link, do I need to share any proof of that?

Yes, you need to share a screenshot of the payment with our team.


13. I still have queries, how can I contact you?

If you have any further queries, you can call on the contact number mentioned below, Our team will be more than happy to help you out.

Contact No: 7977362789

Procedure to get a referral link.


STEP 1: https://newsite.tusharghone1.com/

STEP 2: Click on Student Login

STEP 3: Enter Username and Password and Click on Login

STEP 4: After login, Go to Courses→ All Courses

STEP 5: Click on the course which you want to refer

STEP 6: After opening the course to which you want to refer, copy the link and save it in Notepad

STEP 7: Now to generate your referral link, Go to Student Login→ Affiliate

STEP 8: Click on Profile Tab

STEP 9: After opening the Profile Tab, scroll down and enter Path of course( which you copied in STEP 6) in the Page URL box

REMEMBER TO REMOVE https://newsite.tusharghone1.com/ from the copied link. And Paste the rest link.

STEP 10: Once you paste the link for the course as in STEP7, REFERRAL URL will be generated as shown in the below image.

STEP 11: You can now copy that REFERAL URL and share it with your friends.

STEP 12:

Kindly share the below mentioned details for referral Payout and team will get in touch with you shortly.

1. Your Name –
2. Your Registered Mail ID –
3. Referral Enrollment Date –
4. Referral Name –
5. Referral Register Mail ID –
6. Course Referred For –
7. Your UPI Details for Payout –
8. Order No –

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