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Student's group

MMT Course by Tushar Ghone is an Advanced Technical Analysis Stock Market Course. 5000+ Students have joined the Course in a short period of time making it Indian’s Best Online Selling Course (https://newsite.tusharghone1.com/). We are happy to announce a Study Group exclusively for Students of the MMT Course. Below is the Frequently asked question related to this Group.

1. Where can I find the Student’s group Tab on the home page?

Ans: Just next to Student’s Login/Registration! https://newsite.tusharghone1.com/usergroups-buddys-press/

Tushar Ghone Home page

2. How can I join the Student’s group?

Ans: You are just a click away my friend! Click ‘Join Group’ icon and you are all set to experience the perks of being an MMTC student.

Student's Group

3. How can I post and upload images on the Groups?

Ans: You can find the Activity icon on the Student’s group page. Below that there is an image icon where you can upload and look for other uploaded images.

Students activity

4. Can I see the activities of other Students?

Ans: You can find the Activity icon on the Student’s group page.

Students activity

5. What is the main reason behind creating this group?

Ans: This group is for all the Students of Money Making Trading Course V.2 to clarify their doubts and Queries with other Group members. Students can share their Charts, Queries, etc on Activity Board. Experienced Students can help them by replying to their questions.

6. Can everyone join the group?

Ans: NO, this group is just for students enrolled in any of our courses. However, even if you are not a student of MMT Course you can read the message of this Group for Study purpose but you cannot post your own queries and questions. 

7. Can we discuss the answer to the quiz?

Ans: Yes, you can share difficulties related to the quiz but avoid posting direct answers to the quiz.

8. What kind of queries can we ask in the student’s group?

Ans: Anything related to course, quiz, webinar, blogs, recent news, market updates, etc.

9. Is there any limit to how many times we can post a query?

Ans: NO, there is no limit to it. You can ask as many questions as you want to but try to be professional. The use of Abusive language is completely against our policy.

10. How much time will it take to get a reply to my query?

Ans: As it is students driven group, it will depend upon other students when they see the notification. But if your query is not solved you are free to contact us.

11. What are the Rules of posting on the Student’s group?

Ans: You can post queries and other course-related questions. Posting of Phone numbers, Email address, forwarded message, political post, abusive posts, Marketing of products, direct/indirect selling, etc. is strictly prohibited. MMT Team has full rights to remove any students out of the Group if found violating the group policy.

12. Can we make our personal group of few students in it?

Ans: NO, it is a public group and all students should benefit from one’s query.

13. Who is the group Administrator (Admin)

Ans: Money making trading course team along with Mr. Tushar Ghone is Admin of the Group.

14. How to report any abusive post or comments which violate group policy?

Ans: You can message on WhatsApp number +91-9511709158 (WhatsApp message only)

16 thoughts on “Money Making Trading Course by Tushar Ghone Student’s group FAQs”

  1. uddhavkhade2915@gmail.com

    This idea is very much helpful to all the students
    Thank you sir and team🙏🏻
    We will surely take benefit of that

  2. Prasad Ramchandra Talegaonkar

    It’s very Amezing sir. आम्ही बरेच दिवसांपासून एका फोरम ची वाट पाहत होतो.आणि तुम्ही ती लगेच पूर्ण केली. या ग्रुप चा उद्देश फार चांगला आहे. आणि आम्हाला ज्या काही अडचणी ट्रेडिंग च्या अनुषंगाने येईल त्या या ग्रुपच्या माध्यमातून निश्चितच पूर्ण होईल ही आम्हाला आशा आहे.
    आपण उपलब्ध करून दिलेल्या या प्लॅटफॉर्म बद्दल आपले खूप खूप धन्यवाद…….


    Sir daily cutting losses in the market. Because of greedy….plz give me feedback

  4. surajs2567@gmail.com

    Intraday madhe loss hot aahe sir. Kayam stoploss hit hot aahe kahi dusra option aahe kay moving avg madhe

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