MMTC Student’s weekly Journal: Swing Call Analysis for Week Starting 18th Jan 2021

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Congratulation🎉🎉🎉 to all 4000+ Students of Money Making Trading Course by Tushar Ghone, now we are family!!! At this milestone, we are providing new facilities of “Weekly Journal” which includes swing call analysis for study purposes.📈📈

Swing trading is a style of trading that attempts to capture short to medium-term gains in a stock (or any financial instrument) over a period of a few days to several weeks.

For this swing call analysis, we have manually scanned and analyzed stocks from the list of stocks in the F&O, Mid-cap, and Small-cap sections on the basis of Bullish price patterns.
Our main aim is to enhance student’s financial knowledge and teach them profitable trading strategies.

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1. Swing Call Analysis of 2 Large-Cap stocks

1. Stock: HDFC Bank

Sr No. Stock Calls Weekly
1 HDFC Bank Trade Type Swing Call
Entry 1500
Stop Loss 1450
Target 1570
Duration 2-3 weeks


Bollinger Bands: Stock is moving close to an upper lever of Bollinger bands and above 5 SMA in the weekly time frame indicating bullishness.

Volume: There is not any sudden variation in volume indicating trend continuation.

RSI- It is close to 70 and expected to reach 75-80.

Swing call analysis HDFC bank

2. Stock: M&M

Sr No. Stock Calls Weekly
2 M&M Trade Type Swing Call
Entry 845
Stop Loss 825
Target 895
Duration 2-3 weeks


Bollinger bands: Stock is moving at the upper level of Bollinger bands indicating bullishness in the stocks.

volume: There are not any sudden variations in volume indicating trend continuation.

RSI: It is at 73, expected to reach 75-80, and remains in that range for some time.

Swing Call Analysis M&M


2. Swing Call analysis of 1 Small-Cap stock

1. Stock: Laurus Labs

Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
1 Laurus Labs Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 370
Stop Loss 355
Target 386
Duration 1-2 weeks


RSI: RSI is at 75 levels which an Overbought Zone. But stock seems to be bullish and trade in the overbought zone. Risky traders can take a trade.

Volume: Volume is consistent but below average.

Bollinger Bands: Stock is trading between the upper Bollinger Band and 20 SMA Band indicating strong support at the level. If the stock can maintain a strong Support at this level it has the potential to ride the bands again.

Swing call analysis laurus bank

3. Nifty 50 analysis


Swing call analysis Nifty 50


It was a murky Day for Stock markets around the world. Nifty fell by 1.11% as all sectoral indices ended in the Red.

Nifty 50 has seen a weekly Gap and now there are chances of exhaustion.

Nifty closed at 14,433.70. Nifty has. Resistance of 14,581, 14,730, 14841 is observed and Support of 14,322, 14,210, 14,062 is observed.

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10 thoughts on “MMTC Student’s weekly Journal: Swing Call Analysis for Week Starting 18th Jan 2021”

  1. Nikhil Kulkarni

    Thanks tushar sir for swing call analysis, very useful for us before taking any call

  2. Sir very nicely explained. Need clarity if below points explained will help to understand.

    1. Stock selection by screenrer or randomly selected. These are 52 week high or near to 52 week high stocks if correct.
    2. On what basis weekly time frame selected? some time daily time frames are selected in earlier swing calls. Entry to be taken on which time frame? hourly time frame candle or daily time frame candle. please help to understand.
    3. In HDFC Bank chart, support line drown at approx. 1308 level and not at approx. 1375 level which is found to be nearest support. please correct if wrong. its a learning phase.

  3. I missed Tushar sirs analysis of nifty for next week…I couldn’t attend zoom meeting somehow…
    Nifty analysis has always helped me in trading every week
    Can u please share what entry target and stoploss mentioned…I mean in options …

  4. Vijayanand kinare

    Your swing call analysis is awesome.
    Last week I took small quantity in HDFC AMC .& earn profit.

  5. Kirangund2395

    Hi sir ,
    Your weekly swing analysis is awesome……
    It’s useful for beginners and also for the jober……
    Thnk you sir for weekly swing call analysis.

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