MMTC Student’s weekly Journal: Swing Call for Week Starting 14th Dec 2020

Congratulation🎉🎉🎉 to all 4000+ Students of Money Making Trading Course by Tushar Ghone, now we are family!!! At this milestone, we are providing new facilities of “Weekly Journal” which includes swing call analysis for study purposes.📈📈

Swing trading is a style of trading that attempts to capture short to medium-term gains in a stock (or any financial instrument) over a period of a few days to several weeks.

For this swing analysis, we have manually scanned and analyzed stocks from the NiftyF&O section on the basis of Bullish price patterns.

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1. Glenmark Pharma Swing Call Analysis


Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
1 Glenmark Pharma Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 545
Stop Loss 510
Target 660
Duration 2-3 weeks


RSI-RSI has Still room to move, it’s on 64 but can go up to 75-80.

Bollinger Bands– Stock moving close to the upper bands, indicates bullish momentum.

Volume– There is not much variation in volume, look for any variation during the completion of the resting form.


Glenmark Pharma Stock Chart
Glenmark Pharma Stock Chart


2. DLF Swing Call Analysis


Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
2 DLF Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 222
Stop Loss 200
Target 260
Duration 2-3weeks


RSI– RSI has still momentum to reach 75-80, but look for any Convergence or divergence for reversal or trend continuation

Bollinger Bands-Stock is rising along with the upper bands of Bolinger with long bullish candles.

Volume-There is not any major variation in volume

DLF Chart
DLF Chart

3. Shriram Transport Swing Call Analysis


Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
3 Shriram Transport Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 1100
Stop Loss 1050
Target 1300
Duration 1 month


RSI– RSI is at 68 and in an upward trend, it can go up to 75-80

Bollinger Bands– Stock is moving along the upper bands with long candles indicates a bullish trend will continue

Volume-There is a slight decline in volume after 200 SMA retesting but the trend will continue.

Shriram Transport Stock Chart
Shriram Transport Stock Chart


4. Jindal steel & power Swing Call Analysis


Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
4 Jindal steel & power Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 267
Stop Loss 240
Target 300
Duration 2-3 weeks


Bollinger bands– After a positive Retesting Zone breaks out, there are chances stock can ride the bands and form higher highs.

Moving average– 5 period SMA acting as great support.

RSI– RSI is near the overbought area. Risky traders can trade at these levels. Safe traders can wait for a retracement.

Jindal steel&power Stock Chart
Jindal steel&power Stock Chart

5. ITC Swing Call Analysis


Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
5 ITC Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 220
Stop Loss 213
Target 245
Duration 2-3 weeks


RSI– RSI is near 60 levels. Can enter the overbought zone. Traders can take trade at this level.

Volume– Volume is in Uptrend and consistent.

Moving average- 5 period SMA crossed Bollinger band’s 20 period SMA.

ITC Stock Chart
ITC Stock Chart

6. Bandhan Bank Swing Call Analysis


Sr.No Stock Calls Weekly
6 Bandhan Bank Trade Type Swing Long
Entry 420
Stop Loss 400
Target 475
Duration 1Month


Volume– Volume is moderate and in an uptrend.

RSI– RSI can enter an overbought zone and stock can form higher highs.

Moving average– Bollinger bands 20 periods SMA crossed 5 periods SMA

Bandhan Bank Stock Chart
Bandhan Bank Stock Chart

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  1. Alpesh Salunkhe

    Dear Tushar sir thanks for providing us swing call & your support. Your Technical anyalysis are very good it’s give 100% perfect.

    1. Ujwal Jadhao

      खुप छान सर याचा फायदा नक्की सर्वाना होईल.

  2. Dinanath Shetye

    Thank you very much for providing such very good information.it is something different from others that analysis with proper explanation which help us to understand.So please continue it.

  3. Abhishek Nayak

    Your Market Analysis (Technical & Fundamentals) are amazing. Most of the time market moves as per your analysis. Thanks for all hand holding provided by you…

  4. Dnyanesh Khalashe

    Very good initiative. It shall give more clarity on decision making of stock selection.

  5. It is a really nice initiative and it will really help swing traders like me. Just one request, It will be helpful if you add an analysis date. Thank you.

  6. Sir, your analysis always rocks, i was waiting for this. Thank you so much for helping in wealth creations.

  7. Avinash Khamkar

    thanks for the swing calls, now I can invest tension free and can have good sleep.
    almost 90% accuracy in the given calls…

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