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I have come from a humble Maharashtrian background. I have a Never  say “No” attitude  to my life right from my childhood.  With my dedication and focus, I was able to achieve 17 rank in  Maharashtra Technical Board  of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai . After Engineering I had to do job since I couldn’t afford exorbitant fees of MBA . Finally in my mid career, I  completed by Post Graduation in Financial Management.

My early career started in Oil and Gas Engineering Company name Toyo Engineering India Limited. Due to my commitment towards my job after completion of 1st year, I was deputed to Toyo Engineer Japan and for next 3 years  I was trained under Mechanical Head of Toyo Japan Mr.Kawai Yoji.

For next 17 years I had a BULL run in my Oil and Gas career . Had been working in many reputed Oil and Companies across the Globe viz. Toyo Japan , Japan Gas Corporation, Halliburton Singapore, Kellogg Brown and Root Singapore, Petrofac Dubai, Wood Group CCC – Oman, Petrokon Brunei, Cameroon Groups  Malaysia and Ocean-us South Korea. My passion for Indian Stock Market finally made my leave Oil and Gas job from the post of Engineering Manager.

I had been involved in Stock Market for quite a long time. I had been learning in depth about trading course and Financial  investing Concepts through Market Leaders viz. Warren Buffet , Peter Lynch, William O’neil.

Concept of Wealth Creation through Equity Markets is totally unknown in India. There are various products in Indian Market including Mutual Funds, Equity and Debt Markets  ,etc with help of which long term Wealth can be generated as per Investor’s risk profile. 

I personally feel to be in Stock Market and trading we need to know each and every Concepts of Stock Market in meticulous details, whether it be Fundamental or Technical Analysis.  Buying quality Fundamental Stocks at right point of time by the help of Technical analysis  is my Guru Mantra of my trading course.  Risk management is the paramount for Wealth Creation.

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